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Fashion Find: Lace Shorts

I had to quick pop in here because I wanted to share something I found! I have been noticing that lace shorts are all over the fashion scene, not to mention they look super comfortable and cute too. For example, I found these shorts at Forever 21:

pink lace shorts

Floral Lace Shorts $22.80 $15.99

As well as these:

lace shorts

Crochet Lace Shorts $19.80

What do you all think about these lace shorts from Express?

lace shorts 2

2 Inch High Rise Bonded Lace Shorts $29.99

But the real reason I am so excited is that I found lace shorts that are just as cute and on clearance at Target.  That’s not even the best part! The kicker is that I found them in the pajama department. YES! The ones I bought are a peachy coral color but here they are in white. Take a look!

lace shorts 3


Women’s Crochet Shorts $12.99

Here they are on me today:


Can you tell they are supposed to be pajama shorts? They are so incredibly light and comfortable with a perfect summer color that goes well with anything from a simple white tank top to a teal or blue shirt.

Have you ever worn something that was meant for a different purpose yet fit exactly what you were looking for?


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