Memorial Day and the Start of Something New

What better place to start the chronicles of my family along with projects, events, and more on a weekend that is so full of meaning and remembrance than Memorial Day weekend.



Like many families around the country we used the weekend to spend time with family, enjoy the outdoors, and eat great food.  However, we especially used the weekend to think about those who have sacrificed their lives for the freedoms of our country and those who continue to serve.



I was raised by a dad who not only taught me the importance of respecting those who have fought for our blessed country but also showed me with his continued service in the Army.  After many deployments and injuries my dad continues to protect our freedoms, as do my brother and brother-in-law. We were able to visit the great north for a day, as well as visit Fort Snelling National Cemetery on Memorial Day.


My family It was also nice to spend time at my parent’s house in Northern Minnesota.


Keyon practicing his archery skills We had an amazing weekend and at the end of the day I was reminded once again how blessed I am in family, freedom, love, and so much more. Enjoy following me on this journey!

I thank you for stopping by-


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