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Minimalism: Our Journey on Simplifying Our Life

Minimalism. What does that word mean to you? For many people it sounds scary, a way of life that forces you to be rid of all earthly possessions and live with absolutely nothing but two outfits, one coffee mug, and your tooth brush. Or maybe you think it is living with only a certain number of items and getting rid of everything else. Perhaps you think it means living in one of those tiny houses that has been trending on television shows lately. I know for me, these are what I thought minimalism was and it did scare me. A lot.

When I came across articles on social media promoting minimalism I would quickly scroll past while coming up with excuses in my head about why those articles did not apply to me. How could they? I have four kids, surely those principles of living with very little could not work in a family that always has so much going on. And yet, there inlies the problem. We had TOO MUCH. Too much going on. Too much clutter. Too much to do. Too much to think about. Too. Much. Everything.

After much research, reading, and reflection within myself I have come to better understand what minimalism truly is. It is all of those things that scared me away and yet my reason for being scared was the reason why I needed to embrace minimalism and a simpler life. What I realized is that minimalism is a way of life, a choice I make every day, and I can apply it to my life and family in the way that best fits us. No two people do minimalism the same. It is not about fitting into a predetermined box or mold that I need to adhere by, it instead molds and moves to fit our lives and how we want our lives to be like.

Am I an expert on minimalism? Nope. Have I arrived? Not even close. Have I learned more about myself and about how I can live with less? Absolutely. I have realized that it is a journey. You see, minimalism is not just the physical properties that we are cluttered with. The idea of living with less applies to so much more. I liken it to living simple in every way. A more simple way to live our days, a simple take on what we surround ourselves with, simplifying what we eat to consume a more healthy diet, and the list continues.

I know this is a long post and I apologize as this post does not even begin to describe how this idea of living simply and more minimalist works, but this is something that I work at on a daily basis. I believe it helps me be a better wife, a better mom, and a better person. How can something like minimalism affect a person, a family, a mindset in so many ways? Follow me as I bring you along on  my journey of simpler living. You may be surprised how a mindset  such as minimalism and simplifying can begin changing your life.

I will be sharing our personal journey on minimalism as well as helpful and insightful resources I come across such as books, articles, and documentaries. I will show changes we have made, things that have worked for us and things that have not, and everything in between. My hope is that as you follow and witness how much this lifestyle is changing our family for the better you will be able to reflect and see places in your own life where applying a more simple and minimalist mindset would improve your everyday wellbeing as well.

What are some things you would like to simplify in your life?

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