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Gift Guide for Kids by Kids

Between having four kids of my own as well as nine nieces and nephews I have done my fair share of gift giving for little ones. The difficult part is trying to find unique gifts that are not just general toys kids get all the time (Legos and Barbies anyone?). My younger three kids, who are aged 10, 8, and 5, helped me come up with this Gift Guide for Kids by Kids that includes gifts that are fun, interesting, and affordable.

Clickable Gift Guide for Kids

Click on any of the gifts in the image below to shop or scroll down further for links and descriptions. Most of these gifts are from Amazon and should ship in a timely fashion.

The Gifts by Number

  1. Remote Control Dinosaur Night Light/Lamp
    1. My kids absolutely LOVE having these night lights in their room. This one is a dinosaur, however there are many different characters that can be found on Amazon.
  2. LCD Writing Tablet
    1. These writing tablets are great for mess-free car ride entertainment, fun to draw pictures on, and more! My 5 year old loves his and takes it everywhere.
  3. LEGO DOTS Multi Pack
    1. Lego Dots are new to me but my daughter loves playing with her LEGO DOTS bracelet. Lots of creativity!
  4. Karaoke Microphone
    1. Microphones and karaoke are tons of fun, this way you have both! Bluetooth for easy access to music, and my girls love bringing theirs to parties.
  5. Moon Lamp with Remote
    1. Kids love lamps and nightlights and this one is especially unique.
  6. Kids Grow N’ Glow Terrarium
    1. This terrarium comes with everything needed to create a thriving and beautiful terrarium.
  7. Spot It! Card Game
    1. Such a fun game to play for all ages.
  8. Would You Rather Game Book
    1. I can imagine how hilarious this book would be for kids!
  9. Walkie Talkie for Kids
    1. My kids said these would be so much fun both in the house and outside.
  10. Kids Play Tent
    1. Every summer my kids put up their play tent and do everything from play, read, and rest in it.
  11. Sloth Wind Chime
    1. The Sloth Wind Chime is one of nine creative kits to choose from.
  12. National Geographic Little Kids magazine subscription
    1. A magazine subscription is great because it is the gift that keeps on giving every month for a year.

Hope this Gift Guide for Kids by Kids was helpful in choosing some great gifts for the kids in your life. Let me know in the comments what other unique kids gifts you like to give out for the holidays!

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Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and hope you all are well!

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